Jun 23, 2023

UKRAINE DAILY CASH PRICES: Thursday, August 17, 2023

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has brought destruction and carnage to the heart of the Black Sea region, striking one of the world’s most productive agricultural areas.

Fastmarkets Agricensus commits to publishing on a daily basis the bids, offers, indicative levels or other cash trading indications on any basis and geography that relates to any of the vital markets that have strong ties with Ukraine.


Buyer Ukrainian feed wheat $155-157/mt CPT Reni, Izmail, $205-213/mt DAP/CIF Constanta, Romania, August.

Seller Ukrainian feed wheat $179-185/mt FOB Reni, August.

Buyer Ukrainian 11.5-12.5% wheat $168-180/mt CPT Reni, Izmail, $225/mt CIF Constanta, Romania, August.

Seller Ukrainian 11.5% wheat $206-208/mt FOB Izmail, August.

Seller Ukrainian 11.5% wheat $265/mt CFR Egypt, August.

Seller Ukrainian corn $206-210/mt FOB Reni, Izmail, August.

Seller Ukrainian corn $261/mt CIF Italy, September-October.

Buyer Ukrainian barley $137-145/mt CPT Reni, Izmail, $180-194/mt DAP/CIF Constanta, Romania, August.

Buyer Ukrainian sunflower meal $230/mt CPT Orlivka, Reni, August.

Buyer Ukrainian sunflower meal $405-408/mt CFR Nansha, Qingdao, China, September.

Seller Ukrainian high-protein pelleted sunflower meal $322/mt FOB Constanta, Romania, $377/mt CIF Morocco, $380-382/mt CIF United Kindom, ARAG, $405/mt CIF Nantong, Nansha, China, September-October.

Buyer Ukrainian sunflower oil $825/mt CPT Reni, Izmail, August.

Seller Ukrainian sunflower oil $880-855/mt versus buyer $830/mt FOB Izmail, August-September.

Buyer Ukrainian sunflower oil $910/mt CIF Varna, Bulgaria, $905/mt CIF Marmara, $920/mt CIF Mersin, August-September.

Seller Ukrainian sunflower oil $940/mt CIF Marmara, Izmir, $950/mt CIF Mersin, Turkey, September.

Seller Ukrainian rapeseeds non-GMO ISCC trucks big-bag €430/mt DAP Northern Germany, August-September.

Buyer Ukrainian rapeseed meal $215/mt CPT Kiliya, August.

Seller Ukrainian rapeseed meal €320/mt DAP North-Eastern Italy, €280/mt DAP Constanta, Romania, September-October.

Buyer Ukrainian rapeseed oil $1,040-1,060/mt versus seller $1,070/mt CFR China, September-October.

Market views

Ukrainian August grain export has almost halved compared to July, amid the suspension of the Black Sea grain corridor deal and continued delays in shipments from Danube ports amid long waiting times and big queues for exit and entrance to the Sulina canal.

Total export was at 1.76 million mt, while 65% of that amount went through the Danube and 25% by rail.

In the grain market, FOB nominal ideas were getting lower, as buyers' ideas did not improve, unlike freight for nearby shipments, which still remains in short supply.

Sunflower oil prices remained unchanged on Thursday, while the number of sellers and buyers was limited.

"I see limited offers, and several buyers but lower than traded levels," Onat Angi, Chairman of Solventum AS told Agricensus.

"Appetite is there to buy at bargain prices."

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