Jun 05, 2023

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It’s one of the most exciting times of the year: swapping our closet for a new season. It’s almost like we’re seeing everything for the first time...except it's a total letdown when our clothes are a huge rumpled mess from not properly storing them the year prior. Wouldn’t it be so nice to take everything out, free of dust, lint and—God forbid—moth holes? Plus, a good under-bed storage system is essential for anyone who’s living in tight quarters with small closets (here’s looking at you, college students). These bins not only make organizing seasonal items a breeze—from summer blankets to winter boots—but they also come with nifty features, like drawers, wheels or dividers that make reaching everything so much easier. Below, we’ve vetted 10 of the best under-bed storage solutions (including sturdy plastic drawers, pretty fabric boxes and rolling containers) that’ll keep your pieces in tip-top shape for the long haul.

30 Genius Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

In addition to testing several under-bed storage options, our home editor sifted through thousands of top-rated products to make sure they met the following criteria: 1) They were no taller than eight inches high, 2) they used sturdy materials, like canvas or polypropylene plastic and 3) were under $75 for a single container.

This editor has about four of these bad boys under her platform bed right now—and all I can say is wow. When I moved into my new NYC pad, I took the ‘flex bedroom,’ which meant a) paying less rent than my roommate and b) having no closet. So, as you can imagine, I needed lots of storage space, and these canvas storage bins were a game changer. First and foremost, they have an ultra-flexible design that allows you to stuff them to the brim. I’m talking two wool trench coats, four leather jackets and a hefty winter puffer—all in one bin. While the structured base is sturdy enough to keep it from laying flat, the canvas fabric is stretchy, so you can pack it wide and tall. (It also includes a zipper, though you might have to sit on it like I did to get it to close.)

To that end, despite how fat you stuff it, the height won’t exceed 7.9 inches, so it’s guaranteed to fit under a low-profile bed. Plus, what I love most about this set is its stunning design. The leather handles are both functional and beautiful—and make it easy to grab from the deepest corners of my bed—while the beige finish makes it look like decor when it peeks out from the bottom. It’s also super easy to clean: I use a mild detergent with a cold wet cloth on scuffs and scratches and they come right out.

BUY IT ($148)


Crafted from a durable neutral fabric, this organizer is another design-friendly option—and it features a clear top for you to quickly see what you need, plus a zippered closure to keep things in place. The best part, however, is that the bin features four caster wheels and side handles, making it a great option for anyone who needs an easily accessible mobile closet. Plus, the fabric construction goes beyond its good looks—it’s constructed from a sturdy polyester weave that’s designed to resist tearing while the structured frame helps it keep its shape over time.

“[This bin is] really cool and I'm surprised by the quality,” one reviewer writes. “I searched everywhere and there's nothing else like these. Similar ones are plastic bins on wheels or floppy ones without wheels. These are fabric, so they look nice, but also have a sturdy frame like a real drawer. I bought four and they fit side by side under the foot of my king bed. I have a 6-inch clearance with carpeted floors and I was worried they wouldn't fit…they actually clear the bed with some rubbing. The casters are smooth and don't catch on the carpet.” Plus, another reviewer adds: “This is a wonderful way to store all of those off-season items that you dread having to dig out from under your bed! [The] bin has a clear top so that you can see pretty much everything that is inside of it, and it has a convenient zippered closure…It’s not too big, not too small, but you can fit a few sweaters or pairs of shoes in it.”


The Container Store

Here, another under-bed storage option that’s been a savior for my closetless living situation. Rather than your typical zip- or lift-off lid, this clear unit has a sliding clear drawer that makes it easy to grab pieces when the weather inevitably boomerangs from hot to cold (and back again). Yet, what I love most about this guy is its size. While the 29-inch length allows it to go super deep under the bed, the 27.5-quart capacity can hold everything from a blow dryer to Chelsea boots. On that note, this has also been a lifesaver for my winter shoes or cosmetics that are prone to spilling, where the plastic construction is super easy to clean (and shows zero scuffs or scratches on the exterior). To top it all off, these are great for stacking: Two of these guys on top of each other offer approximately 10 inches of height, creating a mini closet under my bed.

It also has a 4.3 out of 5-star rating with more than 1,300 reviews on reviews on Amazon: “[Living] in an apartment with limited space, my dresser drawers have long exceeded their maximum fill line… I purchased three of these under-bed drawers, placed them side by side, and created a new dresser under my bed. I also taped the tops of them together to assist from separation and sliding when opening and closing the drawers, which works great. These are super sturdy, which was a nice surprise compared to other plastic drawer containers I have used. The drawer is completely enclosed in its plastic casing with a clear top to see the contents if needed. The drawers slide in and out with ease as well,” one reviewer writes.



The Container Store

Designed and molded to accommodate twin-sized beds, this box is an absolute must-have for anyone who’s living in a dorm. It’s made from clear, virtually unbreakable polypropylene and the easy-open, locking lid is accessible from either side—you can open it from the left or right side of your bed, thanks to the 35-inch length (most twin beds are 38 inches wide). The cherry on top, however, is that it has wheels that make it easy to move around and the 6.5-inch height is designed for stacking (make sure you get a super-tall set of bed risers).

One student writes, “I used multiple containers under my bed when I went off to college. They were easy to store food, linens, books and any odds and ends. I raised my dorm bed and stacked the containers under my bed, they rolled and stacked easily, so it maximized the space I had in my room. I then moved into an apartment and it was such an easy move with everything already packed in the containers!!!” And of course, they’re great for the home as well: “I spent way too much time searching for the right size of under-bed storage for our king-size bed. Most containers were too tall. Others were just a little bit wider, so I couldn't maximize the space. I have three of these containers under each side of our bed for a total of six. They fit perfectly! The wheels make it noticeably smoother to slide under the bed and the split lid is perfect for the times when you just need to grab something from one end,” another reviewer says.

BUY IT ($180)


Life goal: Fold all of our clothing in Kon-Mari bundles before storing it for the easiest unpacking come next year. This sturdy storage solution is split into three compartments that make it a breeze to organize everything from T-shirts to jeans in neat little packages. It also features reinforced handles on three sides, PP boards at the bottom that help to maintain its shape, a transparent lid for easy access and two-way, double zippers to keep everything fresh.

The set’s 4.7-out-of-5-star rating with more than 1,300 reviews speak for themselves: “They fold up and are easy to put together. The dividers can be used if needed or can be left out, so the compartment inside can be adjusted to your needs. I used the dividers and was able to put all my summer T-shirts and capris into one of the boxes. I used the other for purses and sling bags that had been hanging in an unruly mess on a hat stand. The plastic on top is see-through so I know what is in the box immediately without having to add labels. They fit perfectly under my bed (I only have about 7 inches of clearance). I have other ‘between season’ clothing as well as blankets and such that need a good home that is out of my way until needed and I am planning to order more of these as soon as possible,” one person raves.

$53; $35 AT AMAZON


Finally, something that is guaranteed to keep bugs out. While this storage bin has plenty to offer—like smooth gliding wheels and a stackable design—we’re impartial to the colorful latches that secure the lid tightly to the base. Not only does this help keep creepy crawlers from getting in, but it also means everything inside will be protected from unwanted odors, dust or mildew that can accumulate under the bed.

Take it from one reviewer, who says, “I used this primarily for storing winter bed sheets and seasonal throw blankets under my bed. This product is awesome! I like the flatness and how it fits under my low-to-the-ground bed with no problem. The seal is perfect and no bugs or water can get in: they’ve been under there for over a year now, and I’ve even had an ant infestation since then. [Everything inside remained bug-free], just a great product overall.” Another person writes: “This container is actually bigger than what I needed, but I will now be able to store all my out-of-season decorating pieces all in place. Keeps them safe from all sorts of possible problems, such as being stepped on, possible moisture issues, or other items nicking them. Plus, with the wheels, I can store it either under the bed or under my table in my basement with ease to get it out.”



Lands' End

Yet another beautiful, sturdy fabric option? This canvas bin from Lands’ End. Not only does its design feature handles on all four sides that make it super easy to reach, but you can personalize it with initials or words (like “blankets” if you want something chic that can also be put on display). The 100-percent cotton fabric is also ultra-durable—available in navy and khaki finishes—and polyester lining gives it an extra layer of protection against bugs and spills (just be sure to spot-clean only).

“These under-bed canvas storage bags are great: Because they are not rigid, you can push it down and make everything fit. I originally ordered the navy color and liked it so much, I just bought a second one in the tan color. I ordered two different colors so it would be easier to identify which items were inside the bags before pulling them out. A firm board bottom comes with the bag, so it keeps its shape. [It also] has a very nice zipper to make it easy to open and close,” one reviewer raves.

BUY IT ($43)


Simple, reliable and straightforward: This is a great option for anyone who’s looking for a no-frills plastic tub. The detachable lid clicks in place while the low-friction disks on each corner of the bottom make it easy to slide and store (per its title). You also have a 100-percent clear body—so you can see everything inside—and the 40-quart capacity offers plenty of room for shoes, blankets, coats, board games and beyond.

“Six bins fit nicely under a queen bed (might have even fit eight??). The bins are smooth sliding on hardwood and the lack of wheels means the inside of the bin is square and does not [take up extra] space to wheel. They seem strong and snap closed unless overloaded,” one reviewer writes. Plus, another person says, “Holds a lot. Seems quite sturdy and the ‘feet’ on the bottom help it slide easily. Great for storing my Christmas ribbons, bags, tags and other supplies. Since it's see-through, I can see what is inside, which makes getting to things easier.”




If you’re anything like me, you may have gone a little overboard with buying sandals this summer. This shoe storage bag is just the thing you need to keep every pair together until next year. Each bin in the set of two fits 12 shoes (24 pairs total), where the adjustable compartments were designed with different footwear—from stilettos and knee boots to Crocs—in mind. Plus, if you need a segmented storage option for your hand towels, hats, scarves or foldables, this guy also works like a charm. The woven fabric makes it durable, while the plastic zippered top makes it easily accessible. (And it even has handles on the sides, so it’s easy to pull).

“I have been frustrated with floppy under-bed shoe storage that was difficult to get out from under the bed, and when I would get them back under, the shoes would bunch up and it would be a mess. This is sturdy and slides out from under easily—and without messing up the shoes! And you can customize the size of the spaces for shoes,” one reviewer writes. Another person adds: “The material is sturdy and the sides and dividers are strong (not cardboard like some other products on the market). The bottom insert provides extra strength to keep the dividers in place. It’s very easy to put together and the sections can be adjusted to fit any size of shoes. My husband and I love our under-bed storage containers (straw color) and they are now under our queen-sized bed.”




This space-saving bag is about to become your new best friend. The pack comes with a set of three jumbo vacuum storage bags, which can each fit everything from king-sized comforters, pillows, towels, clothes, blankets—you name it. The air-tight, one-way valve fits most vacuum attachments (per the manufacturer) while the water-resistant construction protects everything inside from odors, insects, dirt and mildew. Plus, it has a clear, see-through design with red-and-yellow Double Closure™ zippers that slide together for an air-tight seal.

According to one reviewer, the bags are so big, they can even fit a mattress topper: “I had a full foam mattress topper for a futon [and] I wanted to put the topper in my linen closet but it was TOO BIG. I tried and tried to roll it, fold it to no avail. Enter the XL Hefty bags! The topper was SO big I needed help wedging it into the Hefty bag, but it did, indeed, fit. I zip-closed the bag and vacuumed the air out. AMAZING. It's now about one fourth the size. I was so happy, I put some other blankets in storage bags too. So much fits in my closet now!” That said, the reviewer also notes: “You need to be careful that your items are near the suction hole so that you don't suction the bag to itself. An easy fix: just open the bag, reposition your stuff, close it again and re-suction. These are really meant for VERY LARGE things and the final product will still be kind of wide. Overall, I could NOT have put the mattress topper away if not for this bag. It's a win in my book!”



As with any storage product, you want to make sure you’re purchasing something with the items you want to store in mind. Are you looking for something that you can keep your off-season clothes in? Best to go with a container that has drawers, so it can double as an under-bed closet. Need something for your extra shoes? You’re going to want to find something with dividers. And of course, make sure you’re selecting something that will fit under the bed (bonus points if it has a pretty design).

The short answer? Anything! In general, people tend to store seasonal items, like winter coats, summer blankets, beach towels, or anything that has a three-to-four-month lifespan. But there are also some great storage options for specific items, like shoes (see number nine on this list), bags (see number five) or board games (see number eight). The storage options are endless—just be sure you’re shopping with its intended purpose in mind.

Avoid storing important documents or work-related items that you might forget about. The under-bed tends to become a vortex of “save for later” items, and more often than not, this becomes an out-of-sight, out-of-mind situation. To that end, it’s probably best to avoid storing things that you use daily (if you can). While under-bed boxes with drawers make things more accessible, it’s more likely that you’ll forget what’s there—and curse yourself for going an entire season without your favorite pair of boots.

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