Jul 19, 2023

I'm an image consultant

A FASHION stylist has shared common mistakes people are making that make them look cheap.

One of the pitfalls of fashion, she said, is that an expensive piece of clothing doesn't necessarily mean it is great quality.

Montserrat (@itsmontsesworld), a stylist and image consultant, shared the fashion advice in a video with over 70,000 TikTok followers.

The pro prefaced that although people have the freedom to dress however they please, her recommendations will go a long way in helping them look classy and put together.

First, she warned against purchasing pieces strictly because of its price tag: "Buying expensive things doesn't always mean getting the best quality," she explained.

"Even if you go to places like Zara, you can still find clothes that will look expensive, no matter the price, it's all about fit, fabric, and structure."

Crucial pieces that come into play in a badly assembled outfit include pants, belts, and buttons on clothing.

When it comes to bottoms, her best tip was to pay attention to the fabric: "Fabric that is thicker is always going to look like it's better quality," she said.

"Something that is always great to do is put your hands inside of the pants and see if you can see your fingers — that means it's going to look really cheap because everything is going to show."

Additional details, such as the pants' stitching, also mattered greatly.

For belts, she stressed the importance of the material of its buckle: "Buckles made out of plastic or fabric are going to look a little bit cheaper so you can go for a different kind of belt," she said.

The little things also matter, the personal stylist explained, such as the buttons on clothing.

She advised viewers to pay attention to the hardware on clothes they purchase or simply to go for pieces without buttons.

People thanked her for the advice and shared their own perspective on her take.

"I agree that those outfits look cheap, I disagree on the why. Carolina Herrera has a fabric belt that does not look cheap," said one dissenter.

Montserrat replied that her advice should be applied on a case-by-case basis.

"Not all fabric belts look cheap, but generally speaking, belts that come attached to pants, especially when made of fabric & plastic buckle can look cheap," she said.

"Of course, not ALL fabric belts will look cheap."